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May 19, 2023

Updated NEXT CITY information


It’s the place where those starting a startup can meet ambitious, like-minded individuals and tackle challenging social issues


At NEXT CITY, social issues congregate, eagerly anticipating the arrival of startups

Social issues are the raison d'être of startups and the source of their origin. NEXT CITY is a place where you can encounter recognized social issues and the technologies that solve them. We have created a space where you can see, hear, and immerse yourself in the forthcoming "real" disruptive innovations that will shape this century, including groundbreaking advancements in life sciences; energy, decarbonization, AI, biology, robotics, and more.

At NEXT CITY, people who are about to start a startup come together

This includes aspiring entrepreneurs who are considering starting their own businesses, leading engineers who want to challenge the development of socially meaningful products, open innovation enthusiasts who aspire to collaborate with startups, as well as those involved in new business development and administration. Join us at NEXT CITY, where you can connect with the right people you need to meet.

At NEXT CITY, leaders of society come together

CEOs who have built massive companies, CTOs who have created products used all over the world, and CFOs who create connections with global capital markets and prove the value of startups. Moreover, you'll encounter inspiring leaders advocating for women's empowerment, researchers tackling health and environmental challenges, and trailblazers spearheading the way forward. Join us and be empowered by the finest leaders who await you on your journey.


Get your Next Pass to enter NEXT CITY


¥53,000 (incl. tax)

*The prices in Japanese yen are for reference only and the actual settlement amount is in U.S. dollars. The actual settlement amount is $399 (U.S. Dollar). Please note that the actual billing amount may differ from the above price depending on the exchange rate at the time of settlement.

For Students

Apply for student pass

​You can enter NEXT CITY with all pass types

We are looking for the following individuals

Group 1.png

ENTREPRENEURS considering starting a startup

Group 1.png

LEAD ENGINEERS looking to challenge the 0→1 of product development and aim to become CTOs 


RESEARCHERS carrying out cutting-edge research and aspiring to implement it in society 


JOB SEEKERS who want to meet socially meaningful startups


INNOVATORS AND INTRAPRENEURS challenging new businesses in large companies


GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATIONS aiming to revitalize the region and the economy by utilizing the power of startups





This is the area to see, hear, and experience social issues and research technologies. Explore the issues startups and researchers around the world are currently facing, and the research conducted on structure and solution technologies. It is the place where entrepreneurs, researchers, and engineers can discuss solutions to social issues and their progress into the near future.
You will surely find the Seeds of Entrepreneurship here.



In this area, incubators and venture capitalists representing regions from Hokkaido to Okinawa and all over Japan gather. You will acquire valuable information about entrepreneurship, including knowledge, systems, and processes. Additionally, you can find fellow adventurers at similar stages of their journey and explore opportunities for co-founding ventures.

IVS for Engineers

On IVS KYOTO DAY2 (June 29), IVS for Engineers - a special event exclusively for engineers will be held. In addition to current CTOs and VPoEs of renowned startups, engineers-turned-investors and entrepreneurs will gather here. This is the place where startup engineers can connect, learn from each other, and discover new challenges.

IVS for Engineers

Reverse pitch

At NEXT CITY, it’s not only entrepreneurs pitching their ideas. Partners and managing directors of renowned domestic and international venture capital firms come to pitch about their funds.
There will also be research seed pitches by professors researching future new technologies, and open innovation pitches by CVCs and those promoting new businesses in large companies. This is an unprecedented opportunity to hear about the current state of various players in the VC world. 

​Reverse pitch


On IVS KYOTO DAY3 (June 30), 10 companies and more than 10 venture capitalists will come together to offer invaluable acceleration content, where you can talk about entrepreneurial ideas and fundraising. By attending this event, you will have the opportunity to meet capitalists and investors. This presents an exclusive opportunity for networking and potential collaborations.

Note: Participation in this program requires an application in advance. If the number of applicants exceeds the maximum capacity, applications will be reviewed by the organizer.



Next Startup Boost Program

This program allows participants to consult and bounce ideas off with several venture capitalists participating in IVS Kyoto regarding fundraising.


IVS Sandbox

Launch your service from 0 to 1 during IVS!
30 selected next-generation entrepreneurs will use a special space in the IVS Kyoto venue as a base to run around the NEXT CITY, a treasure trove of business ideas during the three-day event, to find business seeds and create business plans and prototypes during the enthusiastic sessions at Miyako Messe.



Susumu Fujita

CyberAgent, Inc.



Ayumi Aoki

Women In Tech

Founder & CEO


Anri Samata


General Partner

& Co-Founder


Takahiro Anno

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan


Masaki Yamamoto

Chatwork Co.,LTD.



Yuki Matsumoto

LayerX Inc.



Hokuto Hoshi

Cookpad Inc.



Hock Chuan TAM

Vertex Growth

General Partner


Yosuke Shiraishi

MZ Web3 Fund

General Partner


Taka Nagao

Kyoto Fusioneering Ltd.

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Message from


"What's Your New Adventure?"

NEXT CITY aims to increase the number of people involved in startups by inviting potential entrepreneurs, engineers, students, government officials, universities, and various other players to experience what it means to “be the catalyst for the next generation,” - the mission of IVS. The world is now entering a new era: the rise of GenAI has captured the public's attention, but there are other efforts worldwide rapidly driving humanity forward, such as the technological innovation of Deeptech, wellbeing lifestyles, and the promotion of investment and R&D in the environment. In Japan, a 5-year plan for startup development is underway, aiming to increase investment in startups tenfold (10 trillion yen) in the next five years, A rapid acceleration of evolution is taking place in Japan, and we are on the verge of a turning point. There have not been many turning points in the long history of the world. The majority are unaware of it and remain at the mercy of the times, while a few risk-taking leaders become the ones who will make their mark on history. NEXT CITY is an entry point for those who will be responsible for the turning point of our time. We look forward to meeting all of you who are excited about this environment.

Nobuhiro Maekawa


Get your Next Pass to enter NEXT CITY


est. ¥53,000 (incl. tax)

*The prices in Japanese yen are for reference only and the actual settlement amount is in U.S. dollars. The actual settlement amount is $399 (U.S. Dollar). Please note that the actual billing amount may differ from the above price depending on the exchange rate at the time of settlement.

For Students

Apply for student pass

​You can enter NEXT CITY with all pass types



We are looking for corporate partners to create the future of the new startup ecosystem with IVS.  We have a track record of communication with many participants and partners in the past. We have a variety of plans to meet your needs, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested.


IVS aims to be the No.1 startup platform in Asia with the mission “Catalyst for the next generation”. For media inquiries, interview requests, and other inquiries regarding collaboration, please contact us using the form below.

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