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Japan's Largest Startup Pitch Contest

Application deadline: April 24

Pitch contest for the next generation of startups

IVS LAUNCHPAD is one of the largest pitch contests in Japan, as it is said to be the gateway to success for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Finalists are selected through a rigorous selection process, and compete for the top spot by giving a presentation in front of a panel of judges selected from investors, executives, and entrepreneurs. The finalists, who were selected from over 250 companies, will give a 6-minute presentation about their products and their passion. 

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Past participants


Startups that can demonstrate their products.
Even if you have not launched your product yet, you are eligible if you can demonstrate your service with a mockup, etc.

About the judge

For the selection round, the selection will be made by investors of Headline Asia that is running the IVS. They will also provide Q&A / feedback about your pitch.

At the finals, we will ask prominent investors, executives, and entrepreneurs to serve as judges for each round. Please check the official IVS website and Twitter for details. In addition, there will be no Q&A session in the finals, but only a 6-minute pitch.

How to apply

Please apply by filling in the required information using the web form.

Main items to be included

  • Basic company information

  • Service introduction video or text
    *You can also send it later before the application deadline.


Application deadline: April 24

Conditions of participation


  • Application deadline: Wednesday, April 24

  • First round of interviews : May 8 (Wed) - 10 (Fri)

  • Final Interview : Thursday, May 30 - Friday, May 31

  • Photo Shooting : Thursday, June 13

  • Pitch Practice Session : Thursday, June 13, 18:00 ~

  • Production : IVS2024 Period (July 4-6, schedule not yet determined)

Reports on Past Events

IVS2024 LAUNCHIPAD KYOTO updates on SNS     >>

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  • Facebook



We are looking for corporate partners to create the future of the new startup ecosystem with IVS.  We have a track record of communication with many participants and partners in the past. We have a variety of plans to meet your needs, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested.


IVS aims to be the No.1 startup platform in Asia with the mission “Catalyst for the next generation”. For media inquiries, interview requests, and other inquiries regarding collaboration, please contact us using the form below.

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