Meet the New Launchpad
On December 18th


Launch. Faster.

Ever since its inception in 2007, Launchpad has taken the crown for the most impactful pitch
competition in all of Japan.
Creating the most value for startups and investors by raising multiple unicorns, IPOs, and Capital.
We have setup a new fund specifically designed for seed companies to help them grow.
Not only is LAUNCHPAD a great opportunity to network recruit, but it is also the leading platform for startups to battle it out and blaze new frontiers.


LAUNCHPAD is the shot small startups need to make it big. The finalists in the contest present their ideas
to a panel that can make their dreams come true: investors, VCs and global players.
In the past, this has lead to major funding and long-term business partnerships – and if you play your cards right,
there is no reason it can’t happen for you.

LAUNCHPAD FUND is designed to benefit startups in the seed stage to Series A.
A diverse group of VCs and investors have contributed in the effort to get startups off the ground quicker.