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The biggest and best IVS yet

IVS went digital for the first time last year with the aim was to create an experience that was better than offline. This year, we're upping the quality of the sessions, personalizing networking, and without the physical limitations, we're able to showcase more international talent at our pitch contest than ever. IVS offers unparalleled opportunities for entrepreneurs who are up for the challenge.


  1. A hybrid of online and in-person events
  2. Panels, talks, and more with titans of industry
  3. Unlimited opportunities for startups and investors to connect


The Spark of the Next Generation


Bringing together entrepreneurs and investors from all corners of the earth

Infinity Ventures Summit (IVS) is an invitation-only conference that brings together thousands of entrepreneurs, executives, and investors in internet technology. Our mission is to be "the spark of the next generation." Thirteen years after its launch in fall of 2007, IVS has evolved to become the largest network of internet company pioneers in the Japan+ region who are leading the industry into a new era.



Industry leaders and icons have all previously taken the stage at IVS, including Audrey Tang, the Digital Minister of Taiwan; Kevin Lin, Founder of Twitch; and Takao Ozawa, the COO of Yahoo! JAPAN.  

IVS LaunchPad will also feature and all-star panel of judges that includes C-level executives from publicly listed and top-level investors. Previous judges include Brendan Wales, partner at VC firm e.ventures; Joseph Chan, the president of the accelerator AppWorks; and Hiro Kunimitsu, President of gaming company gumi.

Speakers and judges for IVS 2021 Spring will be announced as they become available.



This is an invitation-only event. If you would like to be considered, please contact
[email protected]