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Launched in 2007, IVS has made its mark as the largest conference and community for startup executives in Japan. In its 15th year, IVS Crypto has also taken its place, emerging as the largest web 3.0 conference in Japan. 

Now, IVS is taking a step towards the future, transitioning from an "invitation-only conference" to a "platform". An opportunity for the next generation of entrepreneurs to create their business successfully in Asia.

Upcoming Events


Launchpad seed


New in 2023!

The gateway to success for startups

“LAUNCHPAD SEED” is the seed version of the largest pitch event in Japan. It accelerates the growth of startups in their seed phase, operating as a gateway for entrepreneurs and investors to successfully lead to funding.



2023.06.28-30KYOTO, JAPAN

3 days for serious connections
between startup executives and investors

Executives from startup companies, investors, and enterprises will participate to create opportunities for a new future. In addition to an executives-only area, a new communication zone will be newly established for the "next generation" of startups to gather and create a "platform" where they can envision the future together.

IVS Crypto.png

IVS Crypto 2023


Meet global crypto community in Kyoto
at Japan’s largest crypto conference

Connect with the world’s largest blockchain community and leading companies at Japan’s largest crypto conference, IVS Crypto. A wide range of activities, including lectures, workshops, and a demo day, await your participation.


New Participants

If you are interested in attending IVS, please pre-register using the form below. A 50% super early bird coupon will be sent to those who have registered on the form below.

About sponsorship

We are looking for corporate partners to create the future of the new startup ecosystem with IVS.  We have a track record of communication with many participants and partners in the past. We have a variety of plans to meet your needs, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

other inquiries

IVS aims to be the No.1 startup platform in Asia with the mission "Catalyst for the next generation”. Our vision is to be the No.1 startup platform in Asia. For media inquiries, interview requests, and other inquiries regarding collaboration, please contact us using the form below.

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